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Established in 1998, Traumatology Institute offers affordable, internationally recognized courses and resources for mental health professionals and survivors.

Professional PTSD Training

Workshops for your Organization
  • Clinical Traumatology Courses
  • Compassion Fatigue Courses
  • Tailored Workshops

Professional PTSD Training

Online self-paced, year-round
  • Clinical Traumatologist Certificate
  • Community & Workplace Traumatologist Certificate
  • Compassion Fatigue Certificate
  • Learn at your own pace. You have 160 days to finish each course.
  • Our affordable courses range from $29.95 - $169 CAD each. We also offer 20% off full designation course bundles.
  • We make it easier to learn your own way by using audio, visuals & videos, quizzes, interactive slides, and downloadable manuals.
  • Take courses from anywhere in the world. We have over 1,600 active users in North America, Australia, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia & more.
  • Our courses are recognized in 42 countries.

Help for Trauma Survivors

Online year-round
  • Trauma Recovery Program
  • Ask Dr. Anna Videos
  • Breathe 911 App
  • Books